Business Continuity and Crisis Management Consultant

Department:  Business Continuity and Crisis Management Consultant

Location:  Oslo

Key Characteristics
IntraPoint has a strong orientation towards these 4 characteristics and any successful employee will demonstrate these capabilities:
  • Self Starter – A pro-active orientation and the ability to operate independently to achieve goals.
  • Success/Achievement Orientation – Ability to thrive in the face of adversity, drive to overcome all obstacles to reach goals.
  • Leveraging Relationships – Orientation to leverage all relationships (internally and externally) to maximize personal and IntraPoint successes.
  • Problem Solving – Ability to understand a situation and to identify the best route to satisfy all concerned parties and enhance IntraPoint’s brand.
Minimum Requirements
Must have 5+ years of experience in business continuity, crisis management and disaster recovery program implementation and execution. A successful BC/CM consultant will be working on IntraPoint client sites 80% of the time and sales support 20%. In addition to supporting clients obtained through the sales team, the consultant will be expected to drive business through their own experience, including previously established relationships. A BA or BS is required and industry certification and ICS experience is preferred. Must be open to the potential international travel. 

A demonstrated knowledge of the oil and gas industry and IntraPoint’s solutions is desired.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities include but are not limited to:
  • Lead and coordinate complex enterprise resiliency program, project and software implementation efforts (with internal and external partners).
  • Define, execute and manage customer specific Business Continuity project development, risk assessments, Business Impact Analyses, continuity strategy development, Business Continuity Plan development, recovery team table-top exercise development and facilitation
  • Define, execute and manage customer specific Crisis Management project development, team development, Crisis/Incident Management Plan development, crisis team table-top exercise development and facilitation
  • Drive new business through strong partner and customer contacts and industry knowledge.
  • Establish executive level relationships, understanding the needs and language of customer’s specific business.
  • Develop and maintain a strong partnership with all IntraPoint staff.
  • Develop a strong understanding of the customers’ solution, strategy and business requirements.
  • Partner with internal staff to create successful Proposals and Presentations in response to RFPs and other customer needs

Critical Success Factors
Identifying Customer Needs
Seeks to provide an appropriate solution by understanding what the customer is trying to accomplish; spends time in a needs analysis process that identifies key objectives specific to an individual customer; gives the customer’s agenda priority over a standard response; changes the sales approach or solution to accommodate the customer versus force fit the customer to an existing model
  • Asks questions of customers and demonstrates thorough knowledge of customers’ industry
  • Understands Customers place in the market and broader level business objectives
  • Demonstrates an understanding of how IntraPoint software and consulting solutions can serve the overall goals of customers
  • Responds to customer inquires in a customized manner; demonstrating an understanding of customer requirements

Provides Reliable Information
Builds credibility in a resource role by remaining factual and timely in providing information;
maintains their sources for quick access to time-sensitive information and to stay abreast of new developments; proactively educates customers or shares information as part of the service they deserve
  • Demonstrates a complete understanding of IntraPoint software and services
  • Seen as a resource by client, above being just a spokesperson for IntraPoint
  • Educates customers throughout program and project execution process
  • Provides on-going education to clients as technology changes at IntraPoint, as well as industry shifts which may impact their business

Maximizes Results by Anticipating Obstacles that Could Impede Progress
Able to sort through bureaucracy, complexity, or politics to focus on required results; is not caught unprepared when obstacles are encountered; meets self-imposed standards of excellence by delivering agreed upon results that are straightforward and customer defined
  • Delivers on all commitments regardless of challenges
  • Uses experience to pro-actively identify future problems, and develops contingencies to mitigate potential de-railers
  • Takes initiative to find out possible solutions using IntraPoint products and how they interact with what the customer already has in place
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