E-CO has chosen a new direction within emergency planning and safety management


Norway’s second largest producer of hydroelectricity is investing in new technology for emergency planning and has chosen IntraPoint as their supplier. Thus is E-CO one of the first within its industry in the Nordic to take use of such a solution.E-CO is going to use IntraPoint’s Crisis Manger to handle both small and larger incidents and for reporting purposes according to the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate’s requirements. Crisis Manger is a management tool that helps the emergency organization and corporate management to make quick and optimal decisions. 

-We are very satisfied with E-CO choosing IntraPoint as their supplier of emergency planning solutions. We are proud of being chosen by companies that prioritize and invest in emergency planning, says Idar Voldnes CEO of IntraPoint.

Leading companies, especially within the energy and transportation sector, are increasing their requirements for automation and integrated solutions for incident – and crisis management. IntraPoint’s solution, Crisis Manager, is used for planning, training, certifications, observations and alerts, media and next-of-kin communication and also logging and evaluation. The goal is to resume operations in a time efficient and safe manner to reduce impact on human life, environment, assets and company reputation

-It is very important for E-CO to choose a recognized emergency planning solution that is geographical independent. IntraPoint’s solution will be used as a management tool in critical situations, in addition to be used in daily operations at our operation centers. Through the implementation process we have been able to evaluate our emergency organization. We have also considered using Crisis Manger for handling information security incidents, which will improve our emergency planning and safety management even more, says Magnar Dalen, Emergency Planning Coordinator.

E-CO ENERGI is one of Norway's leading energy groups and the second largest producer of hydroelectricity with a mean annual production of 10 TWh. The company owns and manages power plants in southern Norway and has ownership interests in Buskerud Kraftproduksjon AS, Oppland Energi AS and Norsk Grønnkraft  AS. http://www.e-co.no

IntraPoint’s Crisis Manager™ is an industry-leading incident and crisis management software solution which covers all phases of incidents/crisis from planning, training, alert notification, to action and normalization. We believe we offer the market’s most advanced and at the same time the most user friendly solution. The suite of products is tailored to minimize the effects of a crisis, being physical, environmental, financial, product-related or reputational. IntraPoint’s customers span solid brands such as AGR Group, Alitalia, Amtrak, DOF Subsea, Dong Energy, ENI Norge, Ergo Group, Farstad Shipping, Gilbarco Veeder-Root, Hurtigruten, Icelandair, Jernbaneverket, Noreco, Novair, Sevan Marine, Shell Norway, Svenske Jernvegar, Teekay Petrojarl og Øresundsbron. IntraPoint was founded in 1999 and has offices in Oslo and Trondheim, Norway and Reston, US. https://www.intrapoint.comFor more information contact:
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