IntraPoint becomes a member of the Supply Chain Risk Leadership Council (SCRLC)!


IntraPoint was accepted as a Core member of the Supply Chain Risk Leadership Council (SCRLC) at the January 2012 meeting.

The council was hosted by Jabil Circuits in Florida. Edward Erickson, who is now the VP of Solutions and Business Development at IntraPoint, founded the SCRLC in 2006 while at Cisco. Erickson noted at the meeting that “it feels great to be back with his friends and colleagues who collectively represent an incredible body of thought leaders and practitioners in the Field of Supply Chain Risk Management”. 

SCRLC Overview
The SCRLC was formed to bring leaders in the field of Supply Chain Risk Management together to propel the discipline forward. The original membership included leaders from academia such as MIT and Stanford, the US Government (TSA and DHS) and Industry leaders such as Boeing, FedEx, Procter & Gamble and Cisco.

Today the membership has been expanded but the principles that the Council were founded upon such as open sharing and commitment endure.

The SCRLC’s mission is to “work together to create best-practices supply chain risk management standards, processes, capabilities and metrics to be adopted within our respective organizations. Leverage this best practices effort to proactively initiate consistency across industries and their related organizations / councils. Enable standardizations across industries where applicable and become ‘industry integrators’ for the betterment of a more efficient and consistent risk management environment.”

The Early Days
In 2004-2006 Supply Chain Risk was just beginning to be a hot topic and the discipline was immature.  There were not groups to join or models to follow.  The idea to form a body like the SCRLC was not solidified until in the wake of the 9-11 attacks, Erickson received a call from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), who learned of the risk analytics that his team had developed and they wanted to explore the use of those analytics in managing risks at airports. Erickson realized this field needed a sustained effort and by including the US Govt. the Council could help the US Govt. in time of need as well as advance the discipline of Supply Chain Risk Management in a meaningful way.

IntraPoint and SCRLC Partnership
IntraPoint’s addition to the Council further strengthens the Council through its expertise in the field of Supply Chain Risk Management, its partnership with its critical infrastructure customers who have a high priority on risk management and its leading position as an end to end solution provider with a focus on Resiliency in the enterprise.SCRLC Website
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