IntraPoint first winner on the Innovation Stock Exchange


IntraPoint, which is a leading provider of crisis management solutions, is proud to be the first winner of Movation Stock Exchange.Crisis Manager is IntraPoint’s solution for emergency preparedness and crisis management, which includes the latest real-time collaboration and information sharing capabilities. This includes solutions for emergency management, operational disruptions, mobilization, crisis management, next of kin management, media relations, crisis communication, investigation and normalization.

“As an entrepreneur, I am proud that IntraPoint receive this award from Movation. It is always exciting to see that others appreciate the many years of hard work it took to become world leader in our field”, says Tore Andre Nilsen, founder of IntraPoint.

With the introduction of the Innovation Stock Exchange in Norway, Truls Berg and Movation shows his deep understanding of the need for a marketplace where companies with leading business ideas and concepts can meet potential investors and partners.

“It is very positive that Norway’s largest companies support the creation of a new medium where the best new innovative companies have opportunity to gain exposure. The chance that these companies will succeed increases dramatically”, says Idar G. Voldnes, CEO of IntraPoint.

The software platform Crisis Manager combines more than 15 years of research, development and practical use in some of the world's largest transport and energy companies and large public agencies. The solution enables organizations to prepare for, respond to and manage any potential crises in a better way – whether they are physical, financial, or reputational in nature. The solution can be configured and integrated with other corporate solutions or on it can be operated on a stand-alone basis.

Companies such as Amtrak, Alitalia, DONG, Maersk, Shell and Statoil use Crisis Manager to strengthen their global management of operational disruptions and crises.

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