Tulane University - IntraPoint's Newest Customer


IntraPoint is proud to welcome Tulane University as a new customer.

Tulane’s first hand experiences and expertise in resilience and crisis management make them a great customer for IntraPoint’s Enterprise Resiliency

About Tulane University
1. They have lived Resiliency
Tulane University is located in New Orleans, Louisiana and has 13,359 enrolled students. They were forced to close down the campus in 2005 due to the devastation caused by the direct hit on New Orleans by the category 5 Hurricane Katrina. Through extraordinary leadership in time of Crisis and putting resiliency practices to use, Tulane University was able to reopen their campus in June 2006; no other university has reopened after a disaster of this magnitude.

2.They are leaders in Resiliency
Tulane sought to capitalize on their unique experience as they reopened.  In this regard, one of the significant commitments that the University made was to establish a Disaster Resilience Leadership Academy (DRLA).  The DRLA was established to systematically strengthen leadership, globally, in disaster resilience through training, education and research.  For more information about this program, see the below link: Disaster Resilience Leadership Academy

3. They Partner on Resiliency - The Security, Resiliency & Technology (SRT) Integration Forum
The SRT Integration Forum was founded by Edward Erickson in 2010 to research, develop and transform the convergence of resiliency and security through technology and process. Tulane University was invited to join the SRT Integration Forum as a founding member due to their leadership in this field. Ky Luu, Executive Director of the Disaster Resilience Leadership Academy, and Charlie McMahon, Vice President of Information Technology/Chief Technology Office, represent Tulane University in the SRT Integration Forum.

IntraPoint and Tulane University Partnership

After developing their Disaster Resilience Leadership Academy and attending the SRT Integration Forum, Tulane University became a customer of IntraPoint on June 1, 2012. The initial deployment and testing focused on Hurricanes and was ready for use by July 16, 2012, shortly before Hurricane Isaac passed through New Orleans on August 28, 2012. With an accelerated implementation of the IntraPoint Enterprise Resiliency Solution (ERS), Tulane was able to manage the incidents that arose before, during, and after the hurricane with comparative ease.

The success of the IntraPoint solution during Hurricane Isaac reinforced Tulane University’s decision to expand their use of the solution to other major resiliency issues such as Pandemics and Violent Intruders on Campus.  Additionally, Tulane is also deploying the ERS to manage daily operational issues and disruptions in their Security, Facilities and Network operations.

The IntraPoint Solution is highly regarded by Tulane University

Art Kirkland, Director of Emergency Management, said:

The Tulane Operations Management System, or “TOMS, Tulane’s name for their deployment of the IntraPoint ERS fills an important role in the University's compliance with NIMS and ICS  recommendations…This gives us a way to monitor, respond, and recover from incidents with more flexibility and greater communication between departments and the community."

Jim Bradley, Assistant Vice President for Information Technology and Academic Computing, said:

"IntraPoint came to the table with a feature rich environment that could be adapted to Tulane's higher education needs. We've only scratched the surface of TOMS' [the IntraPoint system within Tulane University] capabilities and we look forward to delivering more services and incorporating more departments across campus."

Link to Tulane University Press Release

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