Enterprise Resilience Solution (ERS)

Enterprise Resilience Solution is based on an organization-wide system of interconnected solutions primarily related to handle risk in critical infrastructure, corporate governance and business operations. 

Gain competiveness advantage
By controlling risk, security, critical operations and critical infrastructure together with resilient processes, plans and tool for managing incidents, operational disruptions, emergency, crisis, disasters and business continuity your organization will gain competiveness advantage.

IntraPoint ERS is developed in close collaboration with customers, academia, regulators and industrial partners to support both and top down approach from strategy to operations as well as a bottom up approach from operations to strategy.

This includes a cutting edge and end to end integrated software platform for:
•  Plan and Scenario building 
•  Training, Exercises & Certifications  
•  Alert, Notify and Mobilize 
•  Respond  
•  Incident and Operational disruptions 
•  Emergency and Crisis  
•  Business Continuity 
•  Report & Refine
ERS Platform provides a total solution to effectively manage the entire crisis lifecycle, from preparation and planning, through education and training, to rapid crisis response and situation recovery.

Corporate governance

Corporate governance defines your internal framework for running your enterprise from owners down to operations. This includes internal and external regulations, company culture, brand/reputation, governance bodies and how the company should handle risk. IntraPoint ERS Platform will become your solution to implement this into your business. By running audits, tabletop exercises, live exercises or handling real incidents you will get confirmed and document that your organization is ready to handle your business risk.
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Fully integrated

ERS Platform incorporates fully-automated, open standard and source operating systems which are better suited for use with wireless devices, are easier to maintain, and have a lower system costs. In its fully integrated mode, ERS allows all of the main phases of an incident or crisis to be managed from an automated, digital platform. 

A total solution

ERS Platform provides a total solution to effectively manage the entire crisis lifecycle, from preparation and planning, through education and training, to rapid crisis response and situation recovery.  It truly provides the distinguishing point between partial and complete success in defining and executing a corporate crisis management strategy.


The direct benefits of digitizing a crisis management platform include:
  • Quicker Response
  • Better Decision Making
  • Greater Cost-Effectiveness
  • Pro-active Organization
  • Predefined Scenario Planning and Action
  • Maximized Functional Automation       
  • Real-Time Information Dissemination
  • Structured Communication
  • Easy Procedure Updating
  • Desktop Exercises
  • Integration with External Audiences
  • Accurate Documentation

The Intrapoint Enterprise Resilience Platform


Coordinate teams and plans
for a properly sequence activities
to return to normal business operations.
Conduct after-action assessments and reports.



Assess and analyze risks and their impacts. Determine risk and recovery strategies.


Implement monitoring and response protocols
to react quickly to
minor and major disruptions.
Share information timely and appropriately.



Provide program, plan and technology training
for crisis and business continuity management teams to respond effectively.



Crisis and Business Continuity Management teams
and all-hazard plans to be prepared for any risk.

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