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IntraPoint is a global supplier of leading edge lifecycle management solutions
for enterprises and organizations across a wide range of vertical industries. IntraPoint has leveraged more than 15 years of research and development and demonstrated experience to create the world’s most advanced operational resilient and crisis management solutions available on the market today. 

Gartner Research defines Operational Resilience as "a set of techniques that allow people, processes and informational systems to adapt to changing patterns".
A continuous lifecycle
By adopting a continuous lifecycle management/operational resilient approach to incident management, crisis management and business continuity, we have ensured that our solutions and services are continually improved to achieve constant preparedness and operational assurance for our clients. Our holistic solution, the Enterprise Resilience Solution, enables organizations and enterprises to achieve an unprecedented competence for crisis preparation, management and recovery from all potential crises – whether physical, environmental, financial, product-related, or reputational in nature.

The Enterprise Resilience Solution incorporates the latest content management, crisis process and online technologies into a seamless, easily configurable rapid response system for crisis planning, training, management and recovery, and continuous improvement. It consists of five parts which can be configured as an integrated solution or on a stand-alone basis.
Our Crisis Manager Starter Edition offers a single source for all crisis planning, management and recovery for organizations and enterprises.
The solution key business benefits
The combined functionality of Enterprise Resilience solution provides clients with a comprehensive strategic and tactical solution for crisis management, providing our clients with the following range of key business benefits:

• Comprehensive Crisis Preparedness
• Minimized Crisis Impact
• Preservation of Life, Financial Assets and Reputation
• Operational Assurance
• Continuous Crisis Preparedness Improvement

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"Using a tool such as Crisis Manager with our crisis plans and processes was a contributing factor that the severe crisis we encountered was managedas well as it was."
                                   - A Company with 2,700 Users in 34 countries.
All engaging daily on the IntraPoint Enterprise Resilience Platform

Key facts about IntraPoint

  • IntraPoint was founded in 1999 as a result of a University project
  • International headquarters in Norway (AS) and the Americas - US (Inc.)
  • Balanced development: Customers/Academia/Industry
  • Chair of the Security, Resiliency & Technology Integration Forum
  • Extensive Customer Base:
    • Fortune 500 Customers
    • Critical Infrastructure
    • Global deployments 
    • 50,000 + Hosted Users
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