Event & Incident Manager

Your Real-Time Cloud Collaboration Hub 
To Manage Incidents With Confidence


The Problem

The majority of companies are reliant on paper binders or PDFs to manage an incident.

It’s way too complex to upload information into software.

Paper binders or PDFs are often outdated compared to the current state of the business.

The Solution

Instantly mobilize personnel and technical resources.

Utilize AI and automation to accurately upload all your plans within minutes.

Integrate to various systems throughout your company to always stay up to date.

Our Unified Platform Helps You Act Swiftly


  • Proactive workshops
  • Simulated exercises
  • Early warning signal detection


  • On-site or virtual command centers
  • Seamless information sharing
  • Real time cooperation amongst teams


  • Actionable stakeholder notifications
  • External communication response
  • Post incident investigations

The next generation platform built on 20 years of expertise within Crisis Management and Special Forces

Digitize Your Manuals

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