Governance, Risk, & Compliance (GRC) Manager

Elevate Your GRC Operations From Unstructured Documents And Emails To Real-Time Collaboration

Governance, Risk & Compliance Manager

The Problem

Most of the GRC work needing to be completed is dependent on other departments and teams.

Emails and documents get lost in the shuffle of everyday operations, particularly within teams that have responsibilities outside of GRC.

GRC teams are notoriously understaffed even though they carry the full responsibility of a company being compliant.

The Solution

A unified GRC calendar with real-time status dashboards across all departments and locations.

Automated task outreach tailored to who should do what and when.

Configure emergency plans, how to run exercises, and update plans within the system to prevent serious incidents, fines, and downtime.

Experience A Wide Array of Capabilities


  • Risk & Threat Analysis
  • Operating Picture & Dashboards
  • Observation Reporting


  • Risk Mitigation Manager
  • Asset & Resource Manager
  • Plan & Task Manager


  • Knowledge & Skills Manager
  • Customization & Integration Manager
  • Checklist & Action Card Execution

The next generation platform built on 20 years of expertise within Crisis Management and Special Forces

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