Monitoring & Operations Manager

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The Problem

Escalations cost a lot of time, money, and resources.

Decentralized data creates gaps hindering early warning detection, prevention, and analysis.

Teams are stuck manually notifying others and assigning tasks causing situational disruptions when trying to plan for the next big incident.

The Solution

Cloud-based platform to centralize data and automate monitoring operations.

Optimal resource planning built on robust security protocols, real-time response, and data distribution.

AI and Machine Learning for intelligent triggers with thousands of hardware and software sensors.

Deliver Operational Excellence

Adaptive Technology

  • AI and Machine Learning for intelligent triggers and alarms
  • Supports thousands of hardware and software globally

User Engagement

  • Employee based real-time sensing via smartphone app integration
  • Custom software and IoT sensors
  • Roll-based access controls


  • Large display screens in command¬† and control centers
  • Desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone

The next generation platform built on 20 years of expertise within Crisis Management and Special Forces

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