Monitoring & Operation Manager

IntraPoint Monitoring & Operation Manager: The Hub for Real-Time Incident Management and Operational Excellence

IntraPoint’s Monitoring & Operation Manager (MOM) is a cloud-based platform that delivers seamless incident management and operations monitoring automation. Built on robust security protocols, it facilitates real-time response and data distribution, ensuring optimal resource allocation to prevent costly escalations.

Key Features

  • Real-time Data Centralization: Aggregates and disseminates information instantly.
  • Asset & Equipment Management: Supports both manual input and system integration.
  • Incident Assessment: Evaluates the impact and consequences of incidents.
  • Automated Alerts: Notifies designated personnel automatically.
  • Dynamic Task Assignment: Generates and allocates tasks based on incident severity.
  • Advanced Reporting: Offers in-depth analytics for root cause analysis, early warning, and prevention.
  • Operational Snapshot: Generates shift handover reports for real-time situational awareness.

Financial Advantages
MOM considerably minimizes:

  • Incident occurrence
  • Operational and maintenance costs during incidents
  • Resource allocation overhead
  • Costs via consolidation of multiple operation centers

Sectors Served

  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Oil and Gas
  • Public Transport Monitoring in Norway
  • Marine and Helicopter Traffic Control on the Norwegian Continental Shelf
  • Operational Domains
  • Security (PSIM & Cyber)
  • Safety (HSE)
  • Quality
  • Logistics & Supply Chain
  • Business Continuity
  • Weather & Environment
  • Asset & Resource Monitoring
  • Facility & Location Monitoring
  • Environmental Sustainability (“Green” Operations)

Adaptive Technology

  • Incorporates AI and Machine Learning for intelligent triggers and alarms.
  • Supports thousands of hardware and software sensors globally.

User Engagement

  • Employee-based real-time sensing via smartphone app integration.
  • Software and IoT sensor customization.


  • Large display screens in command centers
  • Desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone platforms
  • Role-Based Access Control for customized access and collaboration

Additional Services

  • Escalation to Event & Incident Manager for more serious events.
  • Partnerships with leading global players for edge computing solutions.

Transform your workforce into real-time active sensors and elevate operational efficiency with IntraPoint Monitoring & Operation Manager. Trusted by industry leaders, MOM is the definitive solution for proactively monitoring and managing critical operations and assets.

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