Governance, Risk & Compliance Manager

Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) Manager

Experience seamless management of your GRC operations with our industry-leading cloud collaboration software. Say goodbye to the limitations of email and spreadsheets and welcome real-time, cross-departmental collaboration.

Monitoring & Operation Manager

IntraPoint’s Monitoring & Operation Manager (MOM) is a cloud-based platform that delivers seamless incident management and operations monitoring automation. Built on robust security protocols, it facilitates real-time response and data distribution, ensuring optimal resource allocation to prevent costly escalations.

Event & Incident Manager

IntraPoint’s Event & Incident Manager is the ultimate cloud-based solution, engineered for real-time collaboration during positive and negative events and incidents. Whether you’re facing a product recall, natural disaster, or operational disruption, our platform helps you act swiftly, comply with governance models, and protect your assets and reputation.

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