About IntraPoint

Software and services to protect what you care about.

Using technology and innovation to achieve resilience

We see boundless potential by collaborating with our customers, leveraging new methods and technologies so they achieve resilient growth. The world is not moving slower - we help you stay safe while keeping up.



"We deliver software that protects values and profits for our customers”


“We are a global leader in resilience and deliver solutions that save lives, protect environment & infrastructure, and secure the brand & financial viability of our customers”


- We honor our commitments
- We are dedicated to excellence

- We deliver value as predicted

- Use technology to make the
   world better 

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Idar G. Voldnes

Idar G. Voldnes


Idar G. Voldnes

Simen Karlstad

VP Europe

+47 974 31 169
Tore Andre Nilsen

Jerry L. Chappell

VP Americas


Tore Andre Nilsen


Partners and customers

We believe in close collaboration with our customers, partners, academia, regulators and industry organizations.


We work with management ranging from global enterprises to local operations.

Compliance with operations, environment, safety, security and HSE standards are often a priority.

Consulting Partners

We work with global consulting firms and local subject matter experts.

Often we work directly with trusted customer advisors.

Technology Partners

We deliver our software on the leading infrastructure and most commonly used technology stack.

We integrate with both traditional and cloud technologies

Technology – everything as a cloud service

We have been pioneers adopting internet technologies for business software since the early 90ties. First in academia and then in IntraPoint since 99.
All IntraPoint software is developed and delivered using cloud native technologies.
We love to innovate together with our customers, building solutions that disrupt their market.

Cloud Hpaas platform

Cloud HpaaS

We use NubesOS that is a high productivity cloud development platform (HpaaS) based on the Linux stack.

UiPath for Robot Process Automation (RPA) and data collection.


We deliver all software on top of Amazon Web Services (AWS) - as our standard.

We support custom deployment on most cloud infrastructure providers or in customer’s datacenters.


We use modern collaboration and development tools to optimize productivity and saving the environment.

Although we love to visit our customers, most work can be done as a cloud service.

Contact us


+1 703-869-0531


Tel: +47 23 96 60 60


Tel: +47 23 96 60 60


IntraPoint is a global leader in resilience, delivering solutions that save lives, protect the environment & infrastructure, and secure the brand & financial viability of our customers.


+1 703-869-0531

EMEA / Global
+47 23 96 60 60

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