IntraPoint Becomes a Member of the Security, Resilience, & Technology (SRT) Integration Forum!


The SRT Integration Forum was founded by Edward Erickson, who is now the VP of Solutions and Business Development at IntraPoint, in 2010 to research, develop and transform the convergence of resiliency and security through technology and process. IntraPoint was invited to join the SRT Integration Forum as a member due to their leadership in this field.SRT Integration Forum History
Prior to the creation of the SRT Integration Forum, there were no forums that brought the security, resiliency, and technology disciplines together. Now, the SRT Integration Forum allows industry leaders from a very broad spectrum “to unlock the benefits of those [security, resilience, and technology] related activities.” Those three disciplines combined can truly make an impact on business, crisis management, and society as a whole.

The Forum is intended to provide members with one, central source of integrated information about the aforementioned three vital fields. Members get to learn firsthand about the magnitude of combining best practices and other information about security, resilience, and technology, and they get to go to one source for such information - the SRT Integration Forum.

IntraPoint and SRT Integration Forum Partnership
IntraPoint’s focus on, and devotion to, security, resiliency, and technology makes them a perfect SRT Integration Forum member. IntraPoint’s vision and mission are similar to that of the SRT Integration Forum. IntraPoint’s entire business is concentrated creating and deploying technology and knowledge that constantly enhances enterprise resiliency.

Tulane University, an IntraPoint customer, is also a SRT Integration Forum member. Click HERE to view our article about Tulane University for more information.
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