Software and technology solutions

Our fully integrated software solutions allows all of the main phases
of an incident or crisis to be managed from an automated, digital platform.

Software solutions has five modules: 

[1] Crisis Manager

A module built on best practices for proactive crisis management to secure real-time collaboration between operational, management and strategic resources. It is a real time cloud native software for handling any types of emergencies, crisis and disasters in your operations, projects, department, organization or enterprise. 

Includes: Automate emergency & crisis plans / Mobilize, alert and notify / Real time collaboration between operations, management and strategic partners / Automated logging 
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[2] Planning Manager

A module that provides a complete, yet intuitive tool for the creation of multiple crisis scenario plans and contingencies in order to ensure the best possible crisis preparedness, response and outcome.

Includes: Build risk and opportunity scenarios / Visualize critical processes / Create and maintain plans such as incident and business plans 
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[3] Business Continuity Manager

A real-time module for handling any types of business continuity issues in your operations, projects, department, organization or enterprise. It is a streamlined platform for real-time collaboration handling any type of continuity incident. 

Includes: The ability to create detailed BCM plans, run exercises, mobilize, alert, notify, inform, report, manage checklist, set focus, assign activities, manage progress and resources on operation, management and strategic level.

[4] Learning Suite

A powerful and flexible eLearning module that enables companies to develop, implement and manage crisis training and certification programs across their organizations. It consolidates disparate training toolsets into a single platform for all resilience training needs.  

Includes: Developing & building online training materials / Delivering & running training in any mode and format from classroom, online or hybrid / Managing and running certifications

[5] Alert Manager

A module that enables multiple alerting mechanisms and acknowledgement tracking to ensure that the primary and/or secondary response teams are available to initiate crisis response and recovery. Alert Manager generates alerts to the crisis team based on previously defined notification contact lists. 

Includes: Dynamic & intelligent mobilization / Customized, dynamic & alert warning / GEO fencing / Intelligent tracking & redundancy / Alert multiple modes including text, twitter, FB, email, voice, telefax

[6] Operations Manager

A module that manages daily and critical operations. It is a proactive tool that streamlines operations of critical infrastructure, critical operations and corporate governance to ensure early detection and minimize impact. 

Includes: Manage daily incidents / Run exercises & test plans / Scale up to involve operational & management
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The direct benefits of digitizing an incident to crisis management platform include
  • Quicker Response
  • Better Decision Making
  • Greater Cost-Effectiveness
  • Pro-active Organization
  • Predefined Scenario Planning and Action
  • Real-Time Information Dissemination
  • Easy Procedure Updating
  • Desktop Exercises and 
  • Integration with External Audiences
The Intrapoint Enterprise Resilience Platform


Coordinate teams and plans
for a properly sequence activities
to return to normal business operations.
Conduct after-action assessments and reports.



Assess and analyze risks and their impacts. Determine risk and recovery strategies.


Implement monitoring and response protocols
to react quickly to
minor and major disruptions.
Share information timely and appropriately.



Provide program, plan and technology training
for crisis and business continuity management teams to respond effectively.



Crisis and Business Continuity Management teams
and all-hazard plans to be prepared for any risk.

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