Crisis Manager

IntraPoint Crisis Manager is a real-time cloud native software for handling any types of emergencies, crisis and disasters in your operations, projects, department, organization or enterprise.

Our clients desire to streamline handling of emergencies, crisis and disasters to comply with corporate governance and regulations. IntraPoint Crisis Manager is built on best practices for proactive crisis management to secure real-time collaboration between operational, management and strategic resources. It can be delivered in 3 different user interfaces to support non experienced to advanced users and maximize productivity of the user experience. 

Crisis Manager has user friendly and productive tools for adding plans, resources and scenarios. A standard implementation has all critical functions to support medium sized business, projects, departments and smaller global enterprises handling any type of emergency, crisis and disasters. For larger users and global enterprise, IntraPoint CM is fully integrated into IntraPoint Enterprise Resilience Solution. This opens for multi installations in a global enterprise network, integrations with other IntraPoint ERS software and use of state-of-the-art sensor technology for early warning signal detection.
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Full flexibility

IntraPoint CM can be delivered as a standalone cloud services, installed in your corporate IT network or as a integrated part of IntraPoint Enterprise Resilience Solution (ERS).

Zero accident industry?

Many of our clients are in “zero accident industries” and IntraPoint is proud of our contribution to protecting lives, environment and assets. Crisis Manager is supported by all industry and geographical verticals and are developed together with the oil & gas industry, the transportation industry and academia in Scandinavia and North America. 

Streamline your processes

IntraPoint CM is automated and streamlines many processes including: 
  • alert
  • notification
  • mobilization
  • logging
  • observations information sharing reporting
  • meeting recording
  • common operating picture
  • media mgt
  • crisis communication next of kin
  • call center
  • stakeholder mgt
  • check lists
  • contact mgt dashboards
  • focus & actions internal messaging progress reporting
  • dashboards
  • duty mgt
  • resource mgt
  • virtual command & control 


Crisis Manager provides a comprehensive set of sub-modules to aid in the response, management and recovery phases of a crisis, including:

Information Dashboard -- A central information dashboard that provides command and control of all aspects of information and activity flow during a crisis.

Situation Reporting – Enables the types of information reported to and from the crisis scene to be selected and automatically updated on the Information Dashboard.

Corporate Communications – Provides a coordinated media management and communications function: Registers inbound media inquiries and outbound corporate responses;  Creates standard responses to the media and customers; and enables communications milestones to be tracked as part of the crisis response and recovery plan.
Personalized Checklists – Uses checklists to track the assigned tasks of each crisis team member to ensure that their roles are being fulfilled during the crisis.
Task Process Flows and Assignments – Enables tasks to be assigned to a crisis management team, with activity logging, milestone and status reporting and crisis progress tracking controlled and managed through the Information Dashboard.
Web Publishing – Provides a comprehensive information dissemination and management function from the Crisis Portal dashboard.  Includes the ability to update and change the corporate Internet and Intranets, publish internal and external press releases, display emergency contact numbers and manage other published materials relating to the crisis.
Inbound/Outbound Call Management – Enables all inbound and outbound calls relating to the crisis to be logged and routed to appropriate crisis team members and/or call center response units in order to ensure that information is disseminated effectively and efficiently to media, customers and employees relatives.
Contact Information Management – Enables lists the most current contact and personal information to be maintained and accessed during a crisis for the crisis management team, employees, clients, suppliers, first responders, passenger manifests and so forth.
Simulation – Enables a separate back-up copy of the installed solution to be used for simulation and training exercises in a controlled format to practice and refine crisis response plans. 

Preparedness History – The system automatically records all crises for review and continuous preparedness improvement.
Advanced Features – integrates features, such as chat capability, GIS integration and duty scheduling, to ensure that clients have access to the most advanced functionality to ensure optimal crisis management.
The Intrapoint Enterprise Resilience Platform


Coordinate teams and plans
for a properly sequence activities
to return to normal business operations.
Conduct after-action assessments and reports.



Assess and analyze risks and their impacts. Determine risk and recovery strategies.


Implement monitoring and response protocols
to react quickly to
minor and major disruptions.
Share information timely and appropriately.



Provide program, plan and technology training
for crisis and business continuity management teams to respond effectively.



Crisis and Business Continuity Management teams
and all-hazard plans to be prepared for any risk.

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